This surgery provides 28 day repeat prescriptions which require a 48 hour working day turnaround time.

You can order your repeat prescriptions in any of the following ways:

  1. Give your prescription to the receptionist or post it in the box provided at both surgeries.
  2. Write exactly what you need on a piece of paper and give this to the receptionist.
  3. Ask your pharmacy to order it for you.
  4. Order it online. It’s very easy. If you haven’t registered for the online service, you will need to register in person at the practice.

If you have registered for online services already, you can order your prescription here.

If the doctor wants to see you before issuing any of your prescriptions, we’ll contact you to make an appointment.

We might attach a reminder slip to your prescription e.g asking you to make an appointment for a blood pressure check. Please make this appointment in the 4 weeks before your next prescription is due.