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On the 18 July 2019 the practice held its Mental Health Awareness launch day at our Moorends

Practice.  A confidential room devoted solely to Mental Health has been made available

for patients to seek help and advice.

Several members of staff have pledged to better understand the plights of people suffering with mental health issues, to recognise and be more aware of the symptoms and needs of those who are vulnerable. Their pledges are available to view within our Moorends Practice.

We are also working with a Community Led Support Team  from Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, with a view to having drop-in sessions at our Moorends Centre, this will allow them to promote events that are happening out in the community.  We will let you know when the arrangements and start date have been finalised.

Dedicated Mental Health Champions

Health Care Assistant Samantha Raedermacher has volunteered to be our dedicated Mental Health Champion for patients and will be based in the practice. Working alongside her is Practice Manager Karen Wilmot who is the dedicated Mental Health Champion for the staff at both branches of Thorne moor Medical Practice. 

Together, Sammy and Karen’s roles  are to guide patients and staff in the right direction to gain the help and support they need.  They will be able to provide patients with  the details of organisations specialising in the type of mental health issue they may be suffering from and to  encourage people to talk before it comes a problem.


Children & Adolescent Mental Health Services

Over the next 5 years CAMHS are transforming the way their service is delivered in response to the Government’s national ‘Future in Mind’ guidance that outlines the national plans for improvements to mental health services for children & young people.

Through the transformation they hope to ensure that children and young people experiencing emotional and mental health wellbeing difficulties have early access to the correct support, at the right time and in the right place.

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